Three Signs You Have Picked The Right Breeder For Your Pitbull Puppy Purchase

When it comes to buying a pitbull puppy, it's often best to choose a great breeder so you know the dog's bloodline, the temperament of its parents, and the conditions the puppy was raised in from its beginnings. Many people breed pitbulls due to their popularity as both a friendly family pet and loyal guard dog, so you want to make sure you choose the best breeder so you get a great, beautiful dog you can love for its whole life. Here are 3 signs you've chosen a terrific breeder.

Parents on site

You want both the mother and father of the puppy you are considering to be on site. This is typically a good sign that you have chosen a breeder that is dedicated not just to their field, but to the breed of dog they choose to raise. When meeting the parents of the puppies you are looking at, ask whether the dogs are considered family pets and how they are treated in the home when they are not being bred to one another. A good breeder will treat their dogs like family even if they profit from them, spending time with them and socializing them and their puppies with members of the family and other dogs.

Vet records

A reputable breeder will be able to show you vet records of the parents and puppies they raise. They should keep vaccinations updated and have their dogs tested for medical problems common to pitbulls in particular, such as hip dysplasia. You want to choose a breeder who does first shots on puppies and has their temperament tested for aggression prior to listing them for sale.

Puppy raising

A breeder who values their dogs will raise puppies in a positive environment. Choose a breeder who keeps their kennels indoors for the mother and her pups and provides a play area for the pups to socialize with other dogs, get exercise, and play with people as well. A breeder who begins training with puppies is a bonus as you can get a puppy who has begun their behavioral training and will be easier to raise.

A pitbull puppy can be a wonderful addition to your family. Since these dogs are known for being very loyal and loving companions, you want to choose a breeder who values this beautiful dog as much as you do. Before long you can find the puppy of your dreams that you and your family will love. 

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