Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Mounting Your Guests

When your dog frequently engages in mounting behaviors, this can potentially cause problems for those objects that your dog may mount and will also be annoying for when your dog mounts friends or family members. But like with many behaviors you would like to curb, there are things that can be done to reduce mounting behaviors in dogs.

Exerting Dominance

In order to stop your dog from engaging in mounting behaviors, you need to know why your dog is mounting in the first place. One reason is to express dominance. Dogs will sometimes mount other dogs or people as part of a pack behavior. 

Alleviating Boredom

Some dogs will engage in mounting behaviors out of boredom. It may be seen as a form of play. If you find that your dog is often mounting when there is less to do, look for ways to keep your dog more entertained. Look for new toys that your dog can play with. Also, spend more time playing with your dog. Look for a way to make his or her surroundings more interesting.

Feeling Excited

Your dog may simply engage in mounting behaviors because he is very excited. For example, your dog might mount whenever you come home or whenever a guest enters your home because he may simply be excited to see you. When this happens, look for a way to distract your dog. For example, you could have your dog go to a specific place whenever you come home from work. Have your dog perform a few tricks and then offer him a treat. This will train your dog to remain still when you come home rather than becoming excited.

Suffering From An Undiagnosed Medical Condition

Sometimes, there are actual medical problems that are causing mounting behaviors. If the behavior appears sudden and if your dog has any other concerning symptoms, it is recommended that you take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to receive an examination and treatment.

Hasn't Been Neutered Yet

Because mounting can sometimes occur for sexual reasons, it makes sense to consider having your dog neutered in order to minimize this behavior. Neutering can have other benefits, including stopping your dog from marking his territory and making your dog less aggressive. Neutering your dog is also better for the community because it is less likely that your dog will impregnate a female dog.

Speak to a vet, like those at Akaal Pet Hospital or a similar location, for more advice and information.

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