Summer Safety Tips For Your Pup

Summer is the time to be outside and enjoying the fresh air, but on those too hot days, it's time to find some shade or cool air. The same should go for your furry buddy as well. Your dog should be taken care of during those hot summer months. See below for some safety tips to remember for your dog this summer:

Provide Shade

Be sure when you have your dog outside that he has plenty of shade to escape the heat from the sun. You may be able to stand the sun on your skin, but your pal has plenty of fur covering his skin. If you don't have trees in your yard to provide shade, make a sail shade or a use an umbrella to provide some shade in your yard.

Give Water

Be sure your dog is drinking plenty of water and has water provided at all times of day during the summer, especially if he is going to be outside. Your dog needs to stay hydrated and giving him water will help. Water will keep him hydrated, but it can be fun too. Turn on a sprinkler for your dog or give him a baby pool with water in it to keep him cool.

Don't Leave Your Dog In The Car

If it's too hot outside, leave your pup at home. Don't take your dog out on car rides and leave him in the car, even if the a/c is running. It can still get hot in a car. It's best (and safer) to just leave your furry pal at home.

Watch Out For Hot Pavement

Your pooch's paws can handle a lot, but if the pavement is too hot you could be burning your dog's paw pads. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pup. Keep your pal off of the hot pavement whenever possible. This may mean you'll have to limit walks or change up your exercise routine with your dog.

Keep An Eye Out For Heat Stroke

Watch for signs of heat stroke in your pup. If he's panting excessively, has a rapid heartbeat, is extremely thirsty, or is dizzy or lethargic, you should contact your veterinarian right away. Cool your pet down as much as possible by placing cool cloths on his neck, and under his front legs and between his back legs, and be sure to give him some water - but not too much, as he could throw it up.

Your dog is part of your family and wants to enjoy summer just as much as you do. Keep him safe just as you would your other family members, make sure he is drinking water, stays out of the sun and stays cool. Contact your local veterinary office if you notice signs of heat stroke, or if you have any other questions about care during summer.

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