4 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Dog Against Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a disease that can strike both you and your dog. Leptospirosis is caused by a bacterium that is shed by wildlife, but has become increasingly common in urban areas that previously used to be much more rural and it is common in area with large rat populations as well. Leptospirosis is a very serious disease that can really harm your dog. However, these are specific action steps you can take to protect your dog:

#1 Get Rid of Standing Water on Your Property

Get rid of standing water on your property. Standing water on your property could be contaminated with the urine from wildlife in your area. That urine could carry the leptospirosis bacteria inside of it. If your dog drinks from the standing water on your property or bathes in it, they could pick up Leptospirosis.

To stop standing water from developing on your property, do not leave out containers that water could collect in. Or turn the containers upside down, so water doesn't collect in them. Walk around your property and dump out any standing water that you can.

#2 Keep Your Dog Away from Slow Moving Water

You should also keep your dog away from slow-moving water. Slow moving water sources, such as streams, swamps, drainage ditches and even ponds don't circulate water quickly enough to get rid of bacteria from animal's urine. Keep your dog safe from stagnant water outside by providing your dog with lots of sources of fresh water inside and outside.

#3 Fight Back Against Rodents

Rodents carry the Leptospirosis bacteria with them, so make sure you keep your home rodent free. The best way to keep your home rodent free is by keeping your home clean. Properly dispose of all trash, keep your food sealed up and keep your house clean. Doing this will help you fight back against rodents and keep them off your property. If you have a serious rodent problem, call an exterminator out to your home to help you with the problem.

#4 Get Your Dog Vaccinated

The most important thing you can do to protect your dog against Leptospirosis is to get your dog vaccinated against this bacterium. If you live in an area with lots of rodents, or an area with lots of standing water or wildlife, it is a smart idea to get your dog vaccinated against Leptospirosis. The Leptospirosis vaccination will protect your dog against the four different types of the disease. 

You can protect your dog from leptospirosis. Make sure you get your dog vaccinated against Leptospirosis and make sure that you keep your environment clean to prevent the presence of the disease around your home. Contact a vet office like Sepulveda Animal Hospital for more information and assistance. 

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